Tetra Safe Start 100ml

Tetra Safe Start 100ml

Tetra Safe Start 100ml

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Tetra Safe Start helps to speed up the cycling process of a new aquarium.

When an aquarium is first setup it doesn't contain any of the beneficial bacteria that is required to convert toxic Ammonia into Nitrite and finally into Nitrate which must be removed via water changes.

Tetra Safe Start contains this important bacteria, which when added to your aquarium will attach itself to surfaces and rapidly multiply until enough is present to handle all of the waste that your aquarium produces.

It is possible to cycle an aquarium without adding bacteria but the process takes far longer.

You can add this product to help stabilise your aquarium any time that you add new fish or make major changes to your aquarium such as replacing your filter or substrate.

100ml bottle treats up to 120 litres

First make sure that you have removed chlorine from the water using a water conditioner such as Tetra Aqua Safe or API Tap Water Conditioner.

Next shake the bottle well and add 5ml of Safe Start per 6 litres of aquarium water.

Next you need to decide whether you will be adding fish straightaway (fish in cycle) or only adding fish once the cycle is complete (fishless cycle).

Fishless method (recommended)
This method is the safest as there are no fish in the aquarium which could be harmed by Ammonia or Nitrite as your tank cycles.
You will need to add a small pinch of food each day which will break down and produce Ammonia which will feed the bacteria.
After a few days you should start to notice that Nitrite starts to increase.
Around a week later Nitrate will increase and Ammonia and Nitrite will decrease.
Once Ammonia and Nitrite reach 0 you are safe to add a couple of small fish. It is important that you feed a very small amount to begin with and keep testing the water.

Fish in method (Only recommended for experienced fish keepers)
Add a couple of small fish and feed very lightly.
It very important to test the water daily to ensure that Ammonia and Nitrite don't reach toxic levels. If the readings are too high then you will need to perform water changes to bring them back down to safe levels.
Once Ammonia and Nitrite reach 0 you can add a few more fish but continue to feed lightly until the aquarium becomes more established.

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