King British White Spot Control 100ml

King British White Spot Control - VM Aquatics
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King British White Spot Control 100ml

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King British White Spot Control 100ml

Effective against White Spot (Ichthyophthirius sp.) (Ich.)

Use this medication if you observe lots of small white spots on your fish that look like grains of salt. In the early stages these spots may only be noticeable on the fins. As the infestation progresses the spots will begin to cover all parts of the body. You may also notice your fish flicking themselves on the gravel and their fins may be clamped .

It may take a few days before you notice any improvement. This is because the parasites can only be killed once they are in the free swimming stage, therefore it's important to complete the full course according to the instructions. It's equally important that you complete the full course even if the fish appear to have recovered. This is because the parasites may be in a dormant state and will only be eradicated once the full course has been completed.

Suitable for tropical fish and cold water fish, however this treatment should not be used on saltwater fish.

100ml treats 900 litres

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Remove carbon from filter.

Put a small amount of aquarium water into a jug and add 1ml of medication per 9 litres of total aquarium water.

Pour evenly over the surface of the aquarium

Repeat treatment every 48 hours while symptoms persist and 48 hours after the spots have completely disappeared.

Perform at least a 10% water change and replace carbon once treatment is complete.

It's very important to shake the bottle well before use!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Janice Gore
Works well

I am not sure if I did have white spot, I had 2 fish with 1 white spot each. After using this it was gone the next day.

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