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eSHa gdex is effective against skin and gill flukes and tapeworms.

Skin and gill flukes are invisible to the naked eye but may cause your fish to flick and rub again objects in the aquarium. You may also notice the fish breathing rapidly. Other symptoms can include excessive mucus on the skin red or yellow patches or staying near the surface.

Tapeworm can cause the fish to lose appetite and appear to have a sunken belly.

eHSa gdex can be combines with eSHa 2000 and eSHa EXIT to cover an incredibly large range of issues. This particular combination of medications is very useful if quarantining new fish before introducing them to your existing stock.

eSHa gdex is well tolerated by fish, shrimp, plants and will not affect the beneficial bacteria in your filter.

One 20ml bottle treats 300 litres.

eSHa gdex treats

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Remove carbon from filter and turn off UV.

Day 1: Add 1 drop per litre of water
Days 2/3: Add 0.5 drops per litre of water
Day 5: 20-50% water change

When treating tapeworms you should also follow up with the following doses.
Day 8: Add 1 drop per litre of water
Days 9/10: Add 0.5 drops per litre of water
Day 12: 20-50% water change.

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