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eSHa Gastropex kills snails and Hydra.

We feel that the benefits of snails outweigh the bad, however some aquarists simply do not like snails and this product is very effective at eliminating them from your aquarium.

Firstly, it is important to note that a huge snail outbreak indicates that you are feeding too much food so it is important to address this as part of the treatment.

We also recommend removing as many snails as possible before treatments to avoid an ammonia spike which can result from deceased snails decomposing. The most effective method to manually remove snails is to place an algae wafer, slice of cucumber or lettuce leaf in your aquarium. The snails will soon climb on to the food to feed which makes them very easy to remove.

You can also use Gastropex as a preventative bath for new plants.

We do not recommend using this product in an aquarium containing shrimp.

One 20ml bottle treats 500ml.

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Remove carbon from filter and turn off UV.

Day 1: Add 4 drops per 20 litres of water
Day 2/3: Add 2 drops per 20 litres of water

Dose can be repeated after 14 days which is recommend to ensure that any snails are killed which might have hatched after the initial treatment.

Do not use this treatment at the same time as any other medications.

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