Brine Shrimp Eggs 100g - Great Salt Lake

Brine Shrimp Eggs 100g - Great Salt Lake
Brine Shrimp Eggs - VM Aquatics

Brine Shrimp Eggs 100g - Great Salt Lake

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We have carefully selected these eggs to replace our old supply of eggs from Russia which we discontinued due to the crisis in the Ukraine.

Our new eggs originate in the USA from the Great Salt Lake. GSL eggs have the added advantage of being smaller than Siberian eggs meaning that smaller fry can accept them from a younger age.

Baby brine shrimp are a great food for fish fry, They promote very rapid growth and survival rate. The high levels of protein and tiny size makes them ideal as a first food for baby fish.

You can add up to 1 tablespoon of these eggs to a 2L Ziss Artemia Blender along with 2 tablespoons of salt.

Pack size: 100g

**Please note that these eggs do not contain salt. You must add salt to the water along with the eggs for them to hatch. Please see the directions below for more information.**

1. Add tap water to your hatchery. Don't use any dechlorinator.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of salt per litre of water
3. Add up to 1.5 teaspoons of eggs per litre of water
4. Turn on the air supply to keep the eggs suspended in the water
5. Aim a light at the hatchery
6. Leave for 24-36 hours


1. Turn off air supply
2. Aim a light at the very bottom of the hatchery
3. Leave for around 5 minutes to allow the shells to float and the brine shrimp to collect at the bottom
4. Drain the shrimp from the hatchery whilst leaving the floating eggs behind
5. (Optional) Some people prefer to drain the solution though a sieve and rinse the brine shrimp before feeding
6. Thoroughly clean the hatchery before its next use

Warmer water will increase the speed with which the eggs hatch. We have found a temperature of around 25°C to be optimal.

The eggs should be kept cool and protected from light before use. Keeping them in a fridge will prolong their shelf life considerably but it is best to keep some at room temperature for a few days before use. Most importantly, they must be kept in an air tight container as they will quickly degrade when exposed to air.

Please note that these brine shrimp eggs must be hatched before feeding them to your fish,

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ryan Harper
Brine Shrimp Eggs

Super awesome Brine Shrimp eggs, hatch rate is like 98% for me which is immensely higher than many other eggs i have tried!

The DENSITY man.... So much different and than any other.!!

These eggs actually hatched in less than 24 hours, so even at that, alone is a MASSIVE success. I am very very pleased to be able to try these eggs and have the opportunity to review them, because I think their absolutely brilliant and I think everyone should pick a couple packs up because you will most definitely not be disappointed! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

And my fish love them 😁

My Usage:
Ziss Artemia Hatchery
Air Pump
Clip On Book LED Light
Luke Warm Water (dechlorinated with Seachem Prime).
2 small teaspoons of API Aquarium Salt
1 & 1/2 teaspoons of Brine Shrimp Eggs

Enjoy!!! 😁👌

Sami Mason
Really great quality eggs!

I am so impressed with these new eggs. The much smaller hatchling brine shrimp will feed smaller fry, and the hatching rate and density of actual brine shrimp in the water is much higher than the previous ones I was using. I'll definitely be getting these every time, maybe I need a subscription!

The photo was taken earlier in the day than I normally feed, so they would have a few more hours to finish hatching... but there were so many in there I decided to split the feeding in two, and feed the rest later!

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