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 Ideal for:

  • Treating various fish diseases

  • Hatching brine shrimp eggs

  • Sterilising equipment between uses

Aquarium salt has been used by hobbyists and breeders for many years.
It is one of the most effective treatments for a very wide range of fish diseases. It is particularly useful for treating bacterial infections, fungal issues, external parasites including white spot (ich) and many more.

It is important to ensure that your fish can tolerate salt. Some scaleless fish such as loaches can be more sensitive to salt treatments. It is generally believed that Corydoras are intolerant of salt but we have treated many species of Corys with no issues. Salt can also kill live plants, although in our experience, we have found that they recover once the salt has been removed via water changes.

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Treating fish diseases:

Mild dose: 1 tbsp per 16 litres of tank water
Almost all fish can handle this level of salt although you do need to check first. This dose is a good starting point if you catch a disease early on. If there is no improvement after one week then move to a medium dose.

Medium dose: 1tbsp per 8 litres of tank water
At this level plants may begin to struggle and some sensitive fish species may show signs of stress. As with all treatments, you need to monitor your fish and be prepared to perform a water change and switch treatment plan if necessary, This dosage is ideal for treating external parasites and more advanced bacterial or fungal infections. If conditions appear to continue getting worse after one week of treatment then move on to a high dose.

High dose: 1tbs per 4 litres of tank water
This dose is only suitable for fish that are highly tolerant of salt. At this level it is highly effective against a very wide range of issues but you do need to closely observe your fish and be prepared to dilute the concentration by performing a water change if necessary.

Whilst salt is very effective, it can take up to a week before improvements are noticeable. It is also worth continuing the treatment for as long as possible, provided your fish are tolerating it well.

Please be aware that unlike medication, salt does not decompose, nor does it evaporate with the water. This means that you should not add more salt when replacing water lost to evaporation and you do not need to periodically add more salt unless it has been removed via a water change.

Dosage for hatching Brine Shrimp: 1tbsp per litre of water

Dosage for sterilising equipment: Dissolve 10 tbsp of salt in 1 litre of warm water. If all of the salt dissolves then add a little more until no more salt can dissolve. This is known as super saturation, this means that the water is so salty that no more salt can dissolve. This solution can be used to sterilise nets, breeding equipment, pipettes etc.

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Tekka Suzuki
API Aquarium Salt

Decent product at cheap price. I use it for brine shrimp.

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