15x Medium Catappa Leaves - Indian Almond Leaves

Catappa Leaves

15x Medium Catappa Leaves - Indian Almond Leaves

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  • Natural source of tanins
  • Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties
  • Great food source for shrimp
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Catappa leaves, also known as Indian Almond leaves hold many benefits in an aquarium.

They release tannins which turn the water a slight tea colour. This effect makes certain fish feel more comfortable and secure.

They also have anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which helps keep your fish healthy.

As they break down, they provide a great food source for fish and shrimp. Some shrimp breeders have reported an increase in breeding activity when using these leaves.

They are a great option to use in any aquarium but particularly useful in shrimp tanks and with Bettas.

Approximate Dimensions:
7.5" x 5"
19cm x 13cm

The leaves can be added whole or broken into smaller pieces if you prefer.

We recommend using one leaf per 40 litres of water.

Catappa leaves normally last 1-2 months. We suggest adding new leaves once the old ones are starting to break apart. This gives the new leaves time to begin breaking down and releasing tannins before the old ones fully decompose.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
David Archibald

First class company, fast delivery great communication.

Excellent quality

Exactly as described, good quality.

bill Rough

Have not used them yet.

Ellen Bradbury
Amazing difference

I bought these as my fish seemed a bit lifeless and were spending lots of time near the bottom on the tank. Also my betta had some damage on his tail that had been taking a while to heal with medication.

The leaves arrived quickly, were in great condition and were much bigger than expected. Since putting a leaf into my 65l tank, my betta has gained so much more energy and is swimming around all areas of the tank! He and the other fish look so much healthier and are evidently much happier.

Tip to supplier: include some instructions in the packet so people know whether they can put them straight into their tank, whether they need to soak them or if they need to be broken up. I ended up placing mine in whole, however I had to research it on multiple websites to be sure.

Almond leaves

I bought these as my fighter has a little damage on his tail, I put one in his tank and it seems to be helping he seems a lot happier in himself since it’s been in with him, the snails like it to.
I also put one in my community tank as I have babies and shrimps everyone is happy with it

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