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Our pick of the best YouTube fishkeeping channels


YouTube hosts some amazing fishkeeping channels. We have started compiling a list of our favourites here.


UK YouTubers:

Marks Aquatics
Mark's Aquatics YouTube

Mark has many years of fish keeping and breeding experience. At the time of writing he has 524 videos and almost 6.5 million views!

He provides general fishkeeping advice but the main emphasis of his channel is fish breeding. He also keeps saltwater fish and corals and has a large Koi pond.

Aquadiction YouTube

With their own fish room containing many species, these creators are able to provide advice and care guides based on their own real life experiences. 
They showcase some of their breeding projects and aren't afraid to show their failures as well as successes.
This channel is still fairly new but we feel that with their drive and passion, they will continue to grow into a very successful channel.

Mick's Fish
Mick's Fish YouTube

If huge aquariums and monster fish are your thing then this channel is definitely worth a look.
Mick has a number of very large tanks including a 2000L aquarium housing his Arowanas!
Although the focus of the channel is on monster fish and monster tanks, he does keep some smaller species in his fish room.

George Farmer
George Farmer YouTube

George is known around the world for his incredible knowledge of aquatic plants and aquascaping skills.
His YouTube channel is incredibly popular. At the time of writing, he has 672 videos and 184,000 subscribers.
His channel is full of useful information on plant care, fertilisers, co2 etc.
He also provides easy to follow Aquascaping tutorials.


YouTubers from other countries

Aquarium Co-Op
Aquarium Co-Op YouTube

Aquarium Co-Op is a very popular aquatic retailer based in the US.
The business is owned by Cory Mcelroy who turned his passion for the hobby into a very successful business.
The key to their success is their very popular YouTube channel.
I'm a particular fan of their older videos which show every step of Cory building his fish room.
With 895 videos, you will find advice and information on all aspects of fish keeping including beginner advice, species guides, breeding, product reviews etc.
The team have been on trips to Peru where they collect and show tropical fish in their natural environment. 
If you prefer longer content then I'd recommend watching their livestreams where viewers get the chance to have their questions answered.
This channel is an incredible resource with something for everyone. Definitely worth a look!

KG Tropicals
KG Tropicals

KG Tropicals have been producing videos since 2012.
Their early videos focus almost entirely on African Cichlids including care and breeding. In more recent years they have been focusing more on providing advice for new fishkeepers. Their aim is to provide reliable advice to give people the greatest chance of success. Their motto is "keep fishkeepers fishkeeping".
With over 740 videos and weekly livestreams, you're certain to find what you're looking for.

Ben Ochart
Ben Ochart YouTube

Another well established channel, Ben has been producing content since 2014.
His channel until very recently has almost entirely contained information about African Cichlids. He has a real knack for making his aquariums look stunning regardless of the fact that Cichlids are large messy fish.
He has countless product reviews and often challenges myths and theories that circulate the internet. 
Ben also does a weekly livestream.

Steenfott Aquatics
Steenfott Aquatics

Bob Steenfott has many years of experience under his belt.
He has a particular passion for Rainbow fish and planted aquariums.
With a number of species care guides, breeding advice, general tips and weekly livestreams, Steenfott aquatics is definitely a channel that's worth a look.

Primetime Aquatics
Primetime Aquatics

Jason from Primetime Aquatics teaches micro biology, he has a masters degree in bio technology and chemical science, he also has qualifications in aquaculture and fish health.
He is one of the most qualified YouTubers with a very deep understanding of the science behind the hobby. Don't worry though, he doesn't baffle his viewers with "sciency stuff", his videos are easy to follow and entertaining. 
He has a large fish room with a huge number of species. His content includes care guides, breeding advice, general fishkeeping tips as well as some more advanced topics.

Tazawa Tanks
Tazawa Tanks

Tazawa tanks is run by Zenzo.
He keeps a very wide range of fish including some rare brackish species.
His personality, knowledge and dedication have made this a great channel that's definitely worth a visit.

Michael's Fish Room
Michael's Fish Room YouTube

Michael keeps, breeds and sells a wide range of tropical fish. He particularly loves his collection of fancy guppies.
Don't expect to see stunning looking tanks or fancy aquascapes on this channel. Instead you will get an insider view of a working fish room with tips and advice from a very advanced fish keeper.
Michael's unique personality certainly makes this channel entertaining whilst also being educational.